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When children express doubts about their gender

 When children and adolescents express gender doubts about their gender, they and their parents can turn to UCI Health pediatrician Dr. Lynn Hunt and the Pediatric Gender Diversity program for supportive care and understanding.

Exercise is key to building healthy young bodies.

Training doctors to prescribe childhood exercise

UC Irvine moves to standardize childhood exercise training for physicians and educators, thanks to a $1.75-million gift inspired by UC Irvine School of Medicine alumnus.

UC Irvine Health pediatric genetics professor Dr. Virginia Kimonis

Making rare diseases their common cause

UC Irvine pediatric researchers are dedicated to finding genetic clues, giving new hope to families

A biomarker for temporarl lobe epilepsy is found

Predicting epileptic seizures

A team of researchers led by a UC Irvine Health pediatric neurologist has discovered a biomarker that can help determine which children may develop temporarly lobe epilepsy.

Dr. Moyra Smith

Making research relevant

Defined as scientific research that helps turn findings from basic science into practical applications that enhance human health and well-being, translational research is a growing priority at UC Irvine.

Dog with children

A different breed of therapist

A UC Irvine study aims to determine whether children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder benefit from contact with canines

UC Irvine pediatrician Dr. Dan Cooper believes exercise can be the best medicine to improve children's health.

Promoting children's health through exercise

Dr. Dan Cooper says UC Irvine’s Pediatric Exercise Research Center sheds light on the health and developmental benefits of physical activity in children.

Matt Fradkin with children

Getting in tune with patients

A program launched by UC Irvine medical students brings the therapeutic sound of music into hospital rooms.

Emily Grant in cap and gown with baby

Kids Make the Difference for Emily Grant

Emily Grant found her true calling when she decided to become a pediatrician

Dr. Behnoosh Afghani,  a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases, is involved in university efforts to introduce teens to the possibility of a career in medicine.

Medical mentor

UC Irvine doctor leads efforts to expose local high school students to careers in healthcare

Dr. Leonard Sender with patient

Fighting for their lives

Dr. Leonard Sender is a leading advocate for young adults with cancer

Mother and child

A mother's touch

Study shows maternal stimuli can improve cognitive function, stress resilience

Pediatrician with patient

A healthy plan for lowering diabetes risk

The HEALTHY study shows that school-based diet and exercise programs can reduce obesity and lower diabetes risk in children, UC Irvine researchers say.

Jessica Vaughan running

Going the distance

Student Jessica Vaughan’s long-range goal: ending childhood obesity

Preemie hand

Reducing infections, one central line at a time

Medical center takes aim at stemming patient complications and healthcare costs