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UCI General Pediatrics Faculty

CHOC Children's Affiliated Faculty

  • Joseph Carella, MD
  • Michael Cater, MD
  • Judy Cheng, MD
  • Mark Colon, MD
  • Asha Dutt, MD
  • James Korb, MD
  • Melissa Lum, MD
  • Roza Mahidyar, MD
  • Maria Martinez, MD
  • Maria Minon, MD
  • Shirin Noorani, MD
  • Alexandra Roche, MD
  • Daphne L. Wong, MD

Miller Children's Affiliated Faculty

  • Reshma Aggarwal, MD
  • Maria Chandler, MD
  • Shanna Cox, MD
  • Sonia Desikan, MD
  • Dean Jacobs, MD
  • Eric Lau, MD
  • Albert Lee, MD
  • Lori Livingston, MD
  • Cynthia Moore, MD
  • Elisa Nicholas, MD
  • Carolyn Nichols, MD
  • Harry Pellman, MD
  • Eddie Quan, MD
  • Nicholas Ripp, MD
  • John Samson, MD
  • Smita Tandon, MD
  • Edwardo Tellez, MD
  • Louis Theriot, MD
  • Katherine Wu, MD

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