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UCI Faculty

CHOC Children's Affiliated Faculty

  • Erin, Anderson, MD
  • Katherine Andreeff, MD
  • Jeffrey Armstrong, MD
  • Donald Bendig, MD
  • Sarah Brennan, MD
  • Kris Chang, DO
  • Dayna Chin, MD
  • Svetlana Gorodetski, MD
  • Jennifer, Ho, MD
  • Jennifer Lusk, MD
  • Rachel Marano, MD
  • Alexandra Mihalek, MD
  • Bahman Panbehi, MD
  • Sameer Pathare, MD
  • Georgie Pechulis, MD
  • Amanda Schafenacker, MD
  • Laura Totaro, MD
  • Dean Todd, MD
  • Minkkwan Wungwattana, MD

Miller Children's Affiliated Faculty

  • Lori Livingston, MD
  • Nicholas Ripp, MD
  • Brinda Singh, MD
  • Phil Theriot, MD
  • Erica Veeh, MD

Other Affiliated Faculty

  • Patrick VanWinkle, MD

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