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Message from the interim Chair

Dr. Ajanta Naidu
UCI Health
Pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Ajanta Naidu is the interim chair of the Department of Pediatrics.

Pediatrics is a unique blend of past and future, basic research and application, empathy and scientific decision-making in the most challenging circumstances. 

Few physicians are more engaged in the whole constellation of a patient’s life because to deliver effective care, we must consider the family, environment and the evolving personalities of each child we encounter.

No area of biomedical research is more delicate or complex because pediatricians must address not only the physiological ramifications of an immediate illness, but also the long-term impact that the disease or its therapy may have on growth, development and health later in life.

Yet it is these very unique challenges that have drawn so many talented and dedicated people to the field of pediatrics. We are enormously proud of the outstanding faculty and staff associated with UCI School of Medicine's Department of Pediatrics.

Our residency program is dynamic and growing, offering trainees opportunities to work in both community and academic environments. It is an exciting setting, one suited for a wide range of individuals whose career goals may include becoming a top-notch primary care physician or a researcher in the basic and translational sciences.

Our department is strongly connected to our community through our affiliations with two of the largest freestanding children’s hospitals in Southern California. Our department is also robustly linked to the world of translational research through our leadership role in the National Children’s Study and the Clinical Translational Science Award program — both flagships of the National Institutes of Health.

From asthma to obesity, autism to epilepsy, our physicians are national leaders in creating new pathways for diagnosis and therapy.

We welcome you to share in the energy, innovation, and growth of the Department. Please feel free to peruse our website to see why the UCI Department of Pediatrics, in partnership with the CHOC Children's Hospital of Orange County and Miller Children's Hospital, ranks among the best pediatric academic health programs in the nation.