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UC Irvine Champions of Child Health

By becoming a member of UC Irvine Champions of Child Health, you can affect the future of pediatric care.

Our champions are community members, business leaders and other caring citizens who are committed to ensuring a healthy future for all children, advocating on their behalf and making meaningful contributions for children and families throughout Orange County.

We need your energy and leadership to forge exciting programs that benefit outstanding pediatric residents and fellows and connect them with pediatricians in the community.

We hope you will join us by choosing to make a difference through annual membership in the UC Irvine Champions of Child Health and by inspiring others to follow in your footsteps.

Our champions team is led by Dr. Dan Cooper, a nationally recognized authority on the link between exercise and pediatric health. Cooper, a pediatric pulmonologist, also is chair of our Department of Pediatrics.

Help support our cause today: Become a UC Irvine Champion of Child Health ›

For more information, contact Carley Fox, director of development for the Department of Pediatrics, UC Irvine Health Advancement, at 714-456-6226 or