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5 X 2025 Endowment Campaign

It’s an exciting time for child health researchers and caregivers. For the first time, we have epigenetic mechanisms that help explain how childhood events, cancer and other serious conditions can impact a child’s lifelong health.

Breakthroughs in technology are providing new insights to aid in the early detection of serious diseases, such as autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy and neuromotor conditions — helping researchers forge new ground in early treatment.

Despite the incredible opportunities, current health policies and funding restrictions make ongoing support for pediatric research a challenge. Today, more than ever, we must be innovative and forward-thinking in allocating precious resources. We need preventive health programs that are not only beneficial, but also cost-effective. And we need community support as never before.

Our goal: five endowments by 2025

We strive to give the very best caregivers and child health researchers the freedom to do what they do best — discover and deliver tomorrow's medical breakthroughs today. Therefore, we seek to establish five endowed funds — either for exceptional individuals or significant research projects that can impact lives and attract additional funding from traditional sources — all by 2025.

It’s an ambitious goal, but one that can be achieved with the help of people like you.

These five endowment funds will support individual and team efforts through an annual payout in perpetuity, allowing us to sustain programs benefitting children for decades to come. Endowments can be named in honor of the donor or a person of the donor’s choosing.

An example is the Dorothy Waffarn Memorial Endowment, which is making a huge impact by providing ongoing support for pediatric education and resident training.

Give now

There is no time like the present to put a stamp on the future. Help us sustain the remarkable research infrastructure, resident training efforts and breakthroughs in state-of-the-art technology that promote the process of discovery. Imagine what we could do together.

To learn more about our endowment fund opportunities, contact Valerie Amador, senior director of development for the Department of Pediatrics, UC Irvine Health Advancement, at 949-824-3950 or